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HOW TO: Extract Deer Hooves & Dew-Claws

Posted: Mon, March, 6th 2017

WARNING ICK-FACTOR AHEAD: If you are squeamish, or not into processing dead animals...IT IS OKAY TO NOT WATCH/VIEW THIS VIDEO/TUTORIAL.

Using the whole animal is a very important part of honoring the animal that has given up its life for our consumption - it is a conscientious way of showing respect...

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Making Mukluks w/ The Urban-Aboriginal Video Course


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Posted: Tuesday, January 22nd, 2019


In the video, Brain-Tan Buckskin DVD: The Dry-Scrape Method, I will take you through the entire process from a 'green' hide to a soft, supple, luxurious, finished product.

In this video, How to Make Fire by Friction : The Bow - Drill Method, I will show you how to create one of the most reliable ways to start a fire from scratch.

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