[ARTICLE]: 5 Simple Wild Edible/Medicinal Foraging Safety Rules

Posted: 2011-04-06 19:29:35
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As Spring gradually comes into full bloom and the Earth makes abundant its wild flavorful and nutritious bounty. It is important to obey these 5 SIMPLE RULES for wild edible/medicinal foraging or "Re-Wilding".

  1. Only harvest plants that you have 110% positively identified. Know your area, and what you are looking for. Always check with a reputable field guide and learn the common poisonous plants in your region.

  2. Only harvest from areas where you have permission to do so.

  3. Only harvest from areas you know are not sprayed, contaminated, or polluted. Harvest at least 50ft from major thoroughfares. Avoid harvesting at the bottom of hills that have heavy traffic drainage from above.

  4. Only use your harvest after they have been well washed in water.

  5. Only ingest small amounts at first; If you choose to do so it is AT YOUR OWN RISK!

Studio-Ryu, LLC and its associates assume no liability for your failure to practice safe "re-wilding" and/or foraging techniques.