How to: Resilient Living: The Five C's - #4: Cutting

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Posted: 2018-11-06 17:00:51
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Having a decent cutting tool, I would say, comes in as #4 in the Five C's of Survival. Here, I am showing my choices for Every Day Carry (EDC) blades, as well as some primitive stone-age examples of how we as humans got to this point - so to speak....and a few of my choices for fixed-bladed and camp blades.

Having a big chopper is very importing when out in the bush for any longer length of time. A good solid full-tang heavy duty blade in indispensable and makes short work of many around-the-campfire chores.

Made famous by Dave Canterbury of Dual Survival TV show fame, the basic Five C's of Survival are:
1). Cover
2). Combustion
3). Carry
4). Cutting
5). Cordage

*Correction the Tom Brown Jr. Tracker Knives I am showing the T2, and the T1 (big one) are produced by Tops Knives

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