How to: The Five C's of Survival - #2: Combustion

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Posted: 2018-11-22 12:43:04
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The ability to make fire in an emergency is paramount to "Sur-thrival" (survival + thriving). Fire is not only a heat source, necessary to keep our body's core temperature, but is a very versatile tool to make other other items necessary for thriving in a survival situation.

While modern fire-making tools and methods are easy and convenient, they can be lost, or malfunction leaving you will no easy way to make fire for survival. Therefore being able to make fire by friction should be included in your skill-sets, at least two methods like, The Bow Drill, The Hand Drill, Fire-Plough, Fire-Piston, or the Pump-Drill can make all the difference when the chips are down. But these primitive fire-making skills are not easy to come by and must be practiced regularly to gain the confidence and experience necessary to make these ancient technologies work for you consistently.

Along with combustion having extra working batteries of all sizes and kinds (cellphones) is important...there is also a method for making fire using both 9-volt batteries and AAA, AA, C & D batteries. I also am including modern lighting sources like flashlights, head lamps, and lanterns in the combustion category.

Be sure to checkout fellow Youtuber Boggy Creak Beast here And also check out his unique fire-making method called the Rudiger Roll:

Made famous by Dave Canterbury of Dual Survival TV show fame, the basic Five C's of Survival are:
1). Cover (shelter)
2). Combustion (fire)
3). Carry (water - ability to hold/transport)
4). Cutting
5). Cordage
...and additionally...
6). Calories (food)
7). Cure (first-aid/medications)
8). Communication (radios, mirrors, rescue & hobo signs, morse code...)

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