How to: A Short Tour of Mushrooms & Other Interesting Fungi with Ron Spinosa

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Posted: 2017-02-25 13:46:10
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Introducing Mr. Ron Spinosa, he is a verteran mushroom-hunter and mychologist with the Minnesota Mychological (the study of mushrooms) Society. I caught him doing a presentation on various fungi that are not only, edible, medicinal, but also utilitarian....check out his hat! It is made of a common mushroom! It's MUSHROOM LEATHER! He will walk us through his presentation at the Garlough Environmental Magnet School, in St. Paul, MN.

I always learn so much from him, and I greatly appreciate his generous gift of knowlege. Be sure to check out the links below!

Garlough Environmental Magnet School
1740 Charlton St, West St Paul, MN 55118
(651) 403-8100

Minnesota Mycological Society: A Society for the Study of Mushrooms and Other Fungi

Minnesota Mycological Society: Facebook Group:

Amadou Products: Fungi Amadou Hats, caps, amadou, products made of Fomes Fomentarius, amadou wholesale.

Muskin, the vegetable leather made from mushrooms

Miss Spider: Fungus Among Us - Ep.27A

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