How to: Wild Bergamot (Mondara fistulosa)

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Bee balm is the common name of both Monarda didyma, which has red flowers, or Monarda fistulosa, which can have lavender, pink, or white flowers. M. didyma and M. fistulosa are two of the most popular species among the seventeen species and over fifty cultivars of the plant. One or more of them are found nearly everywhere in North America (USDA). wounds.

In addition to bee balm, Monarda, bergamot, and Oswego tea are some of the common names of Monarda didyma. Each name has a very good reason why it was used: Bee balm, since the bees love it; bergamot due to its aroma, which is reminiscent of the bergamot orange; Oswego tea because Native American people in the Oswego, NY region used it for teas. wounds.

I [Jackie Johnson, N.D] work as an auditor for the Oneida Nation who came to Wisconsin in the early 1800ís. Monarda was common in their original homeland in New York. Mondara fistulosa is currently referred to by the Onedia as ď#6Ē and is available at my local health food store without cost for those who need it for an upper respiratory tea. Right now the Monarda fistulosa is in full bloom and weíre all busy harvesting. wounds.

Due to the presence of a high thymol content which is a strong antiseptic (also in thyme), Monarda has been used in infusion form for a variety of ailments in its long past: colds, flu, upper respiratory problems, gas, diarrhea, nausea, fevers and whooping cough, and topically for skin problems and wounds. wounds.

The boiled leaves were historically wrapped in cloth for sore eyes, headaches, muscle spasms, fungal infections, and under bandages to slow bleeding. The leaves were chewed on battlefields and used for this purpose. wounds.

Used as a mouthwash, a strong infusion seems to give relief from sore throats, toothaches, and mouth sores. wounds.

Iíve made monarda honey, elixirs, and oxymels, all of which are helpful and tasty. Monarda honey isnít only great in teas, but also on burns and other wounds.


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