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How to: Making Honeygar The Anti-Viral Elixir

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Posted: 2019-12-05 00:00:00
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About to Catch a Cold or the Flu??

    Mix together the following:
  • 1 part raw honey
  • 1 part apple cider vinegar
  • 1/2 to 1 bulb of raw minced garlic

This recipe that I am referring to invokes the use of minced RAW garlic for its anti-microbial/anti-viral properties. It was inspired by a clinical herbalist Heather Nic an Fhleisdeir (link below). The combination of each of these three natural medicinal powerhouses together make for a very effective and potent elixir in my opinion.

Honeygar is my go-to at the moment I feel that "tickle" at the back of my throat or the start of a sniffle in my nose. It is also a phenomenal ally, I believe, once my body has succumbed to a viral affliction such as the cold or the flu. It helps me quickly regain my strength and faculties and seems to speed along my recovery.

What is Honeygar?

Honeygar, also Honegar, is a mix of honey and apple cider vinegar, similar to switchel[2]. Honey and vinegar mixtures such as oxymel[3] have been used for purported health benefits since ancient times. The name "Honegar" was used by D. C. Jarvis in his book Folk Medicine: A Vermont Doctor's Guide to Good Health (1958). Following the success of Jarvis's book in the US, honegar also enjoyed some popularity in Japan.[1] Many in natural health circles claim that honeygar has wide ranging benefits on health.

"Honey and cider vinegar combined with just boiled water is normally called "Honeygar" and a mighty fine thing it is. This potion is not only a lovely brew (an acquired taste) it also has great health properties and cures many ailments. Both Hippocrates and the ancient Egyptians are said to have appreciated the healing properties of cider vinegar. It has also been used as an anti-aging elixir, which is always popular!"

About Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a completely natural product and is normally made by allowing crushed apples to ferment in oak barrels. It has cleansing and disinfecting properties which self detoxify the body and it is a powerful cleansing agent and healing elixir with naturally occurring antibiotic and antiseptic that fights germs and bacteria. Honey (unprocessed) is normally added to make the drink more palatable[4]. About Raw Natural Honey A review confirms that honey is useful in wound healing because of its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties. Some evidence also suggests that honey has antiviral and anti-fungal properties. Also, honey is acidic, which helps release oxygen from the wound and promote healing".

    Honey naturally offers the following healthful properties:
  • antibacterial action
  • wound-healing effects
  • dietary antioxidants
  • anti-inflammatory effects

ATTENTION: The Centers for Disease Control and Protection (CDC) say that people should not give honey to infants under the age of 1 because of the risk of infant botulism (food poisoning caused by a bacterium (botulinum) growing on improperly sterilized canned meats and other preserved foods.). Honey is safe from the age of 1 upwards. This applies to both raw and regular honey.[9]

About the Garlic in Honeygar

"...Allicin, one of the active principles of freshly crushed garlic homogenates, has a variety of antimicrobial activities... "[8]

"...Therefore, it is logical to use medicinal plants for treatment of the disease for which the only way to control is vaccination and the vaccination in some region is not impressively effective. The aim of this study is evaluation of the effect of Allium sativum (garlic) extract on infectious bronchitis virus in SPF embryonic egg as a pilot study..."[7]

Again, anecdotally, honeygar with minced garlic has either prevented a full onslaught of a cold or flu once I detected it, or I detected that someone else in my family was coming on with something, moreover it seems to have significantly shortened the length of the malaise once the bug of some sort was contracted. So for me, in my opinion...as far as being apart of my homeopathic apothecary at home, honeygar is a MUST-HAVE! Jus' sayin'.

PLEASE NOTE: As of March 22nd, 2020, according to the authorities, 'Garlic is a healthy food that may have some antimicrobial properties. However, there is no evidence from the current outbreak that eating garlic has protected people from the new coronavirus."[6]

At the end of the day exercise your own agency, follow your professional healthcare provider's advice, do your own research, and make your own decisions.

Be well, be safe, and STAY CALM!

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