How to: Remove a Fishhook - Technique 1: String Wrap & Pull

Category: Water / Difficulty Level: 1
Posted: 2018-08-06 09:57:02
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If a hook is embedded into a stationary part of the body past the barb, wrap a strong piece of string, fishing-line, twine, or other cordage such as a leader-line around the bend of the hook. Press downward on the eye of the hook. Pull the bend of the hook SHARPLY at the angle of the direction of the hook from the downward pressure applied on the eye. Apply pressure to stop any bleeding, then apply appropriate antiseptics to the area to clean and disinfect the wound.

WARNING: Be careful of the hook once it has been dislodge it may fly off uncontrollably.

NOTE: Using pork foot for demo purposes. It is said that pig flesh is very similar to human flesh

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