How to: Make a Coiled Lid for Coiled-Basketry

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In this tutorial we will look at coil basketry using sedge grasses as our medium by making a lid for a previously coiled container. You will need: dried sedge leaves or other materials such as pine-needles cutting tool - like scissors cordage (sinew, thread, natural fibers) needle (metal, bone, plastic knitting) small pine-cone (optional) Harvest sedges (Cyperaceae Spp.) when they are at their longest - in the Summer, or before they turn brown is best. Leave them outside in the sun to dry. Or hang them up inside for 1 - 2weeks. Once dried and before weaving, the grasses or other coiling medium need to be re-constituted to be pliable. In a shallow pan or bathtub place the leaves in warm water can be added to expadite the process, but BE CAREFUL! Let the coiling medium sit in warm water from anywhere between 5 -15 not over saturate. Remove tfrom the water and wrap in a damp or moist towel while weaving to keep them pliable. A spray bottle comes in handy to spot-wet them when necessary

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