How to: Weave Traditional Waraji (rope sandals)

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Posted: 2018-08-04 10:47:17
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"Waraji" (wah-dah-jee) or Japanese rice-straw sandals are ancient woven footware. They can be woven from many different plant fibers and rope, as well as from synthetic cloth or strips of t-shirt. The technique I am researching and learning takes about 45min - 1hr per sandal just using your hands and feet as the loom, so if you already have the raw material ready you could make a pair in about 2hrs give or take...pretty quick!

This is the introduction to making a pair of woven sandals out of 3/8" dia. store-bought sisal rope. For me, I am a shoe size 10-1/2... I will need one length of rope approx. 25ft long. Then another length of about 12ft.

What you will need:
Approx. 75ft of 3/8"dia rope (depending upon your shoe-size)
Cutting tool (knife or shears)

SORRY - There are no steps for this How-To. Please check back later. Or drop me a line at to let me know you wanna see this one fleshed out.