How to: Make a Gourd Canteen

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Posted: 2021-02-23 00:00:00
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In this video I walk through the process of making a canteen out of a bottle gourd or birdhouse gourd. This is a fun little project, where the hardest part is making a water-tight plug...with out resorting to using a cork. The main things you will need are a bottle/birdhouse gourd, gravel, and paraffin (commercial candle wax) or beeswax.

I created a decorative carry system for this shape of canteen using by making a net-bag that acts as the support for both the canteen and the rest of the components for the carry system. See below on how to create a net bag. How to: Make a Net Bag w/ the Urban-Aboriginal

Here is a more simpler version of a carry system for a gourd canteen.
Making A Simple Rustic Net Bag for a Birdhouse Gourd Canteen:

Here is video on how to make Black Walnut dye/stain.

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