How to: Bone-work: Making Awls

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Posted: 2018-11-22 12:43:04
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In this series of videos I will walk through making awls out of poultry bones in preparation for making a birch-bark basket making series.

So I show how to break, and abrade a bone shard using stone, or sand paper.

Then finally I am show how to use back strap sinew to attach a lanyard out of spun dogbane (Apocynum c.) fibers to keep the awl handy while doing work.

Bones of animals are very useful in making various tools and crafts. You can make arrowheads, knife blades, beads, buttons, trap parts sewing tools, and so on. Making use of the whole animal is a virtue!

Minnesota Artist and Teacher, Dennis Chilcote:

Get sinew and other animal raw materials from Moscow Hide & Fur:

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