How to: Make a Simple Rustic Net Bag w/ the Urban-Aboriginal

Category: Shelter / Difficulty Level: 1
Posted: 2021-01-23 00:00:00
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In this video I show how to create a simple net bag without using special tools or extravagant knots. This technique is same that I use to make a hand net. You can view those videos here: How to: Make Rustic Hand, Scoop, or Dip-Nets

This size net bag took approximately 200ft of store-bought jutte cordage. You can use any sort of durable natural fiver such as dogbane, nettle, milkweed, yucca, basswood, elm, just may take you a while to harvest and process the amount you would a survival scenario it is about caloric input vs. caloric output.

SORRY - There are no steps for this How-To. Please check back later. Or drop me a line at to let me know you wanna see this one fleshed out.